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    The Most Appalling Startup Marketing Advice I Ever Heard #gobsmacked

    Several years ago back in my 20’s I landed a job interview at a local Advertising Agency. I was pretty excited as it sounded like an awesome opportunity. I put on my best outfit and arrived early. We went through the standard job interview questions and it was going along swimmingly. That was, until it …

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    How to: Write Web Copy That Converts Browsers Into Buyers

    Have you ever landed on a website, started reading through the content and found yourself nodding and agreeing? Yes that’s totally how I feel! Yes I wish I could achieve that goal! Finally someone who gets me! Next thing you know you’ve signed up for the free training or downloaded their free resource. All in a matter of minutes…This is the power of copywriting. When someone lands on your site, you literally have only a few seconds to communicate who you are, what you do and how you can help them. If your customer is confused about what you can do for them, sadly you’ve lost them.

  • 9 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Strategy ASAP!

    Are you struggling to communicate your value? Connect with your audience? Cut through and get heard? Get the clients you deserve? Charge what your worth? Write content for your website? Chances are it’s because you don’t have a brand strategy. You might have a logo, pretty colour palette and some funky fonts but the truth is: Branding begins with strategy, not design. Before you even think about this stuff, you need to have a strategy.

  • The Ordinary

    How This Revolutionary Brand Is Transforming the Beauty Industry

    When you think of the beauty industry what comes to mind? Glamourous airbrushed models? High prices? Fancy packaging? Testing on animals? Botoxed celebrities pushing ridiculous claims (think: younger looking skin in one week)? Revolutionary brand The Ordinary has been one of the breakout skincare brands of 2017. Their popularity is due to taking a clear stand against the industry’s lack of integrity, honesty and transparency.

  • Guide to: Sourcing Stunning Stock Images for Your Website

    Are you struggling to find some good quality stock images for your site? Finding high quality stock images that represent your brand can be painful and time consuming. Most stock images are outdated, unoriginal and cliché. So if your struggling, here is my ongoing list of the best stock photo sites I’ve come across.

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