The ultimate guide to creating irresistible lead magnets that’ll make your email list explode, convert traffic into leads and transform you into a client magnet!

Are you struggling to get conversions on your website? Do you want to transform visitors into serious clients? Want an email list full of raving fans? Nothing converts traffic into subscribers better than offering a valuable freebie. You need an irresistible lead magnet to get those signups.

That’s why I created my “6-Step Lead Magnet Workbook.” I’ll show you the exact steps to crafting an irresistible lead magnet. Download today and learn how to craft winning lead magnets every time.

A marriage proposal on the first date scares most people off. Yet that’s the same mistake most companies make when they expect customers to buy right away. Lead magnets are a really powerful tool to build your email list and start communicating with your market. But that’s only if you give them something that they really want.

You’ll also get to know the fundamentals of copywriting and our headline writing formula to get clients clicking.
I’ve even included bonus Fill-in-the-Blanks Lead Magnet Headlines to help you reel in hot new prospects and get those signups!

This Kit Includes

•  20-page Lead Magnet Workbook (pdf document)
•  7-page Word Document Template
•  We’ll show you the exact steps to creating irresistible lead magnets in 6 easy steps
•  Why You Need a Lead Magnet
•  9 Components of an Irresistible Lead Magnet
•  Bonus: Customer Avatar Template
•  Bonus: Fill-in-the-blanks Headline Formulas
•  Bonus: 11-Point Lead Magnet Checklist
•  An example so you can follow along
•  A4 printable pdf file

Now you can create compelling lead magnets that’ll convert traffic into raving fans!

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